Helen Kovacs has a great love for children and greatly enjoys working in the Nursery during Sunday services and occasional special events.  When PUMC had a weekday childcare facility, Helen was on staff here and says it never felt like a job to her because she so enjoyed watching the children learn and grow.  When she’s not at PUMC, Helen also works at the Treehouse in the Y, watching children so that parents can get a workout in without worrying about childcare.  Helen also facilitates a before-school childcare program for a local elementary school during the academic year, which allows parents to drop off kids early if they have to get to work before school drop-off time.  In addition to her childcare work throughout the community, Helen also loves to volunteer for the PUMC Food Pantry and helps get food donations organized and stocked ahead of our weekly Thursday pantry hours.  When she’s not watching the children of the church, Y, or schools, Helen loves to spend time watching her grandchildren grow up!


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