Mladenco “Mel” Karac has been employed as the custodian for PUMC since 2016 and works part time here at the church and part time in the hotel industry.   Mel says that it fills his soul to be in our wonderful church throughout the week!  Mel moved from Croatia to the United States with his wife and son in the early 2000s and has enjoyed being in the greater Cleveland area.  Now an adult, his son is a police officer in another city and Mel is very proud of his son’s achievement.

While you might not see Mel on Sundays or on each day of the week, Mel accomplishes a lot of things behind the scenes – such as moving tables and chairs for events, fixing minor plumbing issues, and even single-handedly disassembling a 10-person conference table for it’s relocation to the adult Sunday School/Resource Room when the need arose!  We appreciate all of Mel’s hard work in maintaining our beautiful and historic facility!

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